Gérald Barthélémy developed his skills and cooking techniques working under the leadership of the acclaimed Chef Éric Briffard at Hotel Vernet in Paris. He comes from a small village in the heart of France and has been passionate about cooking since his early childhood. Throughout the years, he has proven his expertise and dedication to the culinary art by audaciously climbing the ranks of some of the most distinguished restaurants in the French capital. Gérald is known for his judicious ingredient associations and his well-researched creations. The extra care he infuses in his recipes allowed him to earn a Michelin Star in 2010 as a result of the exquisite work he displayed as the Executive Chef of Le Cinq restaurant.




St Tropez Wine Bar provides a cozy and festive environment to its guests; just as you would expect from the South of France’s generous culture. The refined wood on the ceiling and shelves, combined with the diffused lights and candles, contribute to a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Our open kitchen concept and the massive communal table located in the heart of the restaurant set the tone for the values and beliefs we intend to bring to the place – sharing and caring.



Yohann was only 15 when he started in a popular Provençal dining establishment as a dishwasher, kicking off his career in the restaurant industry. Fascinated by the environment, he quickly improved his serving and bartending skills in some of the most renowned restaurants in the Saint Tropez area and had a unique opportunity, a few years later, to become General Manager in a French brasserie in Aix-en-Provence. Equipped with an extraordinary sense of customer service, a well-rounded experience and a taste for adventure, he decided to move to New York in 2012 with the secret goal to create something which could be inspired by his land and cultural background. Five years later, he finally opened a restaurant in the heart of the Village and another later on in Soho. Both restaurants draw their inspiration from Southern France so he can let others experience what makes his region so special.



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