A touch of provence food with an american accent.

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St Tropez Restaurant and Wine Bar’s philosophy is simple – enjoy life and treat others as you would want to be treated. These sound principles apply to all, in both personal and professional life. At St Tropez Wine Bar, everyone from employees to management, and even our suppliers, applies these guidelines in their day-to-day activities.

The menu, crafted by Executive Chef Gerald Barthelemy, features some specialties from the South of France with an accent of American food culture. You will find a lot of options, among them, cheese and meat plates, raw bar, salads or oysters that you can either share or eat on your own, but don’t forget to supplement the food with one or more of our carefully selected wines.


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Located in the heart of the West Village, one of the most charming and trending neighborhoods in New York City, St Tropez Wine Bar is dedicated to provide a flavorful experience of the French Riviera vibrant lifestyle and traditions to his customers.

Fusing the best of South of French culinary ingredients with local fresh produce has resulted in innovative ideas on the menu.

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